Session 2 : Learn the process of 1 attunement of Reiki level 2
Fees :  $ 300.00

Option 1

a. Learn the process of 1 attunement required for Reiki 2
b. Learn to energize your pendulum with Reiki. 
c. Measure the energy flow in different chakras, organs and aura
d. Find out at what frequency how many sessions are required for a particular         client's condition2

e. Learn to use Reiki for cleansing, programming crystals. Learn               programming crystals to create protection around yourself, attracting intention

Session 2

Fees : ​$ 500.00

Payment options 

  • Pay as you go
  • Pay $ 810.00 for 3 sessions upfront and save $90.00 
  • No refund/no expiration. 
  • Each session can be days, weeks or month apart.


Dates to be decided as per mutual convenience

Option 2

Session 3  

Fees : $ 400.00

a. Learn Master attunement process to prepare person for master level
b. Space (house, office) cleansing

 a. Learn the process of 4 attunements required for Reiki 1 
 b. Learn to use negative/positive polarity of energy to clear blockages      by creating energy loop
 c. Create a bridge between chakras to have back up

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Session 1 : Learn the process of 4 attunements of Reiki level 1  
Fees : $ 300.00

Reiki Healing Practitioner

Healing That Flows Through Hands


Session 1 

Fees : $ 400.00

Session 3 : Learn the process of 1 attunement of Reiki Master level
Fees :  $ 300.00

​​​ Protection  
​​Reiki can help create a protective shield around your body/automobile/house.Call today for more information.

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Payment Options

  • Pay as you go
  • Pay for 3 sessions upfront, save $140.00. All three session will cost $1340 
  • No refund never expires.
  • Each session can be scheduled days, weeks or months apart


  • Dates to be decided as per mutual convenience

Other information

  • Payment accepted through credit card or cash
  • $100 payment required for registration and the balance due at the time of class