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​​​​​​​​In-person session/Zoom session for healing

This session consists of assessing and balancing flow of energy in the seven chakras, different organs and aura body. ZOOM sessions work the same way as in-person sessions do.  

90 minutes      -   $95.00 (First session)​
​​21 days uninterrupted sessions plan available. Please ask for details.

Gift Certificate Available

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Level 3

What will you learn?

Receive master symbol and master attunement to be qualified as a Master Reiki Practitioner

 after 21 days of self-cleansing. 

​Requirement : Should have completed level 1 and 2
Duration : 1 day
Fee : $300.00

Certificate will be provided on completion

Level 2

​Bharat offers one-on-one Reiki healing sessions and long distance support. He teaches all levels of Reiki including Teacher’s training.


​​What will you learn ?

Distant healing with the help of 3 symbols and sounds. You will receive 1 attunement, guidelines for 21 days self-cleansing. 

Requirement : Should have completed level 1.
Duration : 1 Day
Fee : $300.00

Certificate provided on completion

Distant Healing support

What will you learn ?

You will learn what Reiki is and what can be treated with it. How to activate and experience your own aura body. Understand energy centers/chakras, aura body. Centering and grounding exercise. You will receive 4 attunements and understand the benefits of attunements along with guidelines for 21 days self-cleansing.

Learn Reiki

Level 1 

  • Healing beyond boundaries of time and space  
  • Help your loved ones living away from you-Per session-$50
  • Session includes assessment and 30 to 60 minutes of work
  • 21 days uninterrupted sessions plan available. Please ask for details

Reiki Healing Practitioner

Offering Reiki in-person and ZOOM 


Duration : 2 Days 

Fees : $300.00

Certificate will be provided on completion

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