In Michael's own words

"Will try my best to recall my experiences.

I remember suddenly being on a field in a time of war as an Angel with wings standing next to a child. We were watching destruction and death unfold in a war. It appeared I was the Angel and the little boy. We were witnessing the grim scene but were not taking part in any actions. Was as if we were invisible to everyone. Have had a sense for a while that I was somehow connected to the Angelic realm, perhaps a fallen angel who is trying to make up for bad decision that have harmed many. Seems a bit surreal though and my logical mind does not want to accept it as Truth even though it might be. Was a very powerful experience filled with much emotions and awe. I do not recall now what time period it was but felt like the 1400's maybe somewhere in the middle east. I recall my back starting to heat up at this point while laying on the table like I had a heat pad underneath me.

Then I was in some type of jungle like environment as a pirate adventure explorer. This was a more enjoyable experience. I was exploring new land for treasure and pleasure. I was the captain of my own ship and had no ruler. I did what I wanted when I wanted but did not try to rule over others or cause deliberate harm. Sensed that I had a very enjoyable and exciting life during this time. Think it was the 1600's or so. I remembered seeing a large white tiger that reminded me of one of my cats that I lost when I went to jail. She was a good cat and her name was Cleo short for Cleopatra. I remember having a parrot on my shoulders just like you see in the movies and a hook type of hand. Suppose I could have been a real life Captain hook. I remember seeing my ship while standing on a beautiful beach. I took a lot of risks in this life but was a Adrenalin junkie and loved it. Perhaps this is why I have difficulty bowing down to authority and submitting my will to others. Particularly others I know do not have my best interest or societies interest at heart.

Was a bit mind blowing to experience myself as what appeared as some of the last remaining giants on the planet. I recall standing in front of a cave guarding it knowing we were being hunted for harming humans. The cave was near an ocean and there was sand. When the humans attacked I went into the cave and my current wife was there with me as another giant. We did our best to defend ourselves but were murdered. They had spears, swords and fire. As we were being attacked I exited the body and was able to see what was unfolding in birds eye view from above without feeling any of the pain. Was overwhelming and intense to see. Had the sense that we knew it was our time to pay for what we had done to humans. Was a bit humbling as well. I now fully accept that we indeed play roles throughout our incarnations of both good and evil, right and wrong. The ones doing harm now also did good before. Feeling at least in this realm of physicality it cannot be escaped and is part of our desire to have unlimited experiences for development. I think this was in the 1800's.

Feels like this reality has slavery built into the construct as a foundation for experiencing duality in all of its forms. To break free from bondage is one of the games/goals to attain. We can do this to a certain level on our own but slavery will never end until we are united in the desire to do so. Feel like I have been involved in trying to break this cycle for a very long time with little success. I have also been involved in enslaving others in the past as well and now see this is part of the cycle. Truth being told I do not really like this idea but it appears to be True and will re-think some of my current understandings. Thank you for the experience, is greatly appreciated. Have learned much in a very short time."

Carol Martinez's journey in her own words 

I was a little girl named Lucy. 
Brown straight hair.
I was born in the early 1900’s.
My mother was cold and mean. Jealous and resentful. She envied the connection I had with my father and when she wasn’t angry she was depressed. I recognized my sister Karen in my mother. 

I had a maid/nanny who took care of me and loved me. 
This maid/nanny is my real 
Mother today. Loving, kind and a real
Guardian angel.  

My father was a musician. Successful. Famous conductor. Played many instruments. I recognized him as my Uncle Ken.  

We came from money and were well off.
I played the violin. My father offered to conduct my school orchestra for a special performance in front of an audience. I played the violin, my father conducted and my mother, watched from the dark shadows in back. She was miserable.

My mother died, more or less from her misery. Toxic. She was depressed her whole life.

I was married to a musician who I’d met through my father. He was a bit older than me. He was blonde, handsome. He toured a lot and performed. I stayed home to raise our kids, only playing violin as a hobby. I recognized my husband as my current husband Bruce.

We had two kids. One boy and one girl. 2 years apart in age. I recognized my son as my current son Michael. And my little girl was my niece Katie.

When I died, I was surrounded by my husband and two children who were adults. Even though I had cancer of some sort, I had a Peaceful death. I was in my late 60’s or early 70’s.

What I learned from this regression was that the explosive and dynamic relationship I had with my mother mirrors the relationship I currently have with my depressed sister. I was sad when my mom died in regression but not because I would miss her. I was sad because I never got the chance to make things right. I tried but nothing could make her love me back. I felt like there was unfinished business when she died. 

As hard as I’ve tried in this lifetime to patch things with my current sister by loving her more and helping her more I am realizing that sometimes you can only love from a distance. Maybe that’s all some people can handle.

Reiki and Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

The goal of past life regression is to find out if the root cause of present trauma or blockages lies in the past lives. Once that is ascertained then Reiki can be utilized to heal it.

Reiki Healing Practitioner

Offering Reiki in-person and ZOOM 


Have you lived before your present life ? 20 Clues to your past lives.

1. Do you have hunger for exploring past lives which is much more than idle curiosity?
2. Do you have a life long fascination with a particular period in history?
3. Do you feel drawn to a specific location to which you have no conscious connection with?
4. Have you ever sensed that Home is somewhere else?
5. Have you ever felt that you were living in a wrong time and you don’t belong in this present?
6. Have you ever had dreams set in the distant past that seemed too real to be mere dreams?
7. Do you have love for antiques and historical buildings?
8. Do your hobbies and interests reflect an interest in the past that is unusual for your age?
9. Is there a piece of music that stirs your emotions with a longing for another place or era?
10. Do you have an uncommonly interest in another culture ?
11. Do you have an unconditionally strong emotional bond to a friend, family member or acquaintance that cannot be explained by your present relationship?
12. Do you feel negativity towards someone without understanding why you dislike them?
13. Are you distrustful of certain people and fearful of your safety and security, although there is no logical reason for your anxiety ?
 14. Are there any persistent physical ailments and physical issues that you or your doctors are unable to find a physical cause ?
15. Do you suffer from a phobia or irrational fear that you can find no obvious cause for?
16. Do you some time have access to knowledge you could not have acquired in your present life?
17. Are you wise beyond your years, or have you ever been called an old soul?
18. Do you suspect that you deserve more than you have, or that your present circumstances have been determined by something beyond your influence?
19. When you were a child, did you demonstrate abilities, understanding and knowledge that were unusual for your age ?
20. As a child did you ever refer to another home or family?



Here are some of the stories of my clients

​​Past-Life Regression is a valuable tool for healing. Regression work not only has the potential for allowing an individual to recall experiences of the past, but it opens doors to deeper levels of the mind where communication takes place on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. The knowledge can help decide the course of present life.

WHO : Who is qualified to do PLR? If you believe in the theory of reincarnation and can remain non judgmental and objective, you can benefit the most from it.

WHAT : What is “Past-Life Regression? It is based on the theory of reincarnation. It is believed that the soul is energy. Therefore it never dies. What dies is the physical body and the soul goes on to be reborn in a new body with renewed opportunity to learn new lessons. You can come back as a man, woman, peasant or a king or someone well known or as a pauper.

Transmigration -The belief that the soul can decide to come back as plant, animal or mineral form.

Karma = Deed is often described as the Law of Cause and Effect. The purpose/meaning of karma is not a system of punishment, but instead a learning opportunity to gain experience and wisdom about the  universal laws. For every action there is a reaction and vice-versa. It is your attitude that has positive or negative influence on your life.

Free-will- The ability to choose your own path to live your life.

De-ja-vu – the feeling that you have had an experience or visited a place before.

Why : Why does it work? Because collective unconscious mind is accessed with the help of deep relaxation achieved through relaxation technique. Memories are said to be stored from the beginning of soul’s journey through different life times till the present time in the deeper layers of mind. This part of mind is not limited by logic time or space. PLR is a therapeutic tool used to understand and heal current symptoms of physical, mental and emotional issues. In past life therapy as the mind heals the body, the body can heal the mind. Sometime it is just a matter of discovering the origin of the issue to resolve it. When the core issue is revealed and resolved, the symptoms will often disappear.

It is a very useful tool to know the origins of current belief system which drive are lives. Once the true origins are known then it becomes easy to decide if they are worth keeping or now it is time for a change! The outcome of a session can alter the traveler’s life astoundingly.

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