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120 W Golf Road, Suite 216, Schaumburg, Illinois - 60195   Phone/Text : 940-389-9284

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Reiki Healing Practitioner

Offering Reiki in-person and ZOOM 


Jennifer McCarthy with Reiki Level 1 Certificate

​ZOOM sessions available now

​Reiki can help create a protective shield around your body/automobile/house. Call today to book a reiki session


​​- Lindsay, Humans For Hope not-for-profit Founder

"I give Bharat from HealingHandsNow my highest recommendation. I sought his help with a couple of issues I was having and I am grateful I found him. I was feeling stuck in a couple of areas in my life. I have experienced several very emotional traumas in the past couple of years, divorce, death of my father, death of a good friend, challenges in my business Etc... I feel like I was handling these things well, in a healthy way, but in spite of living a healthy lifestyle, I was having trouble releasing weight, and I had a recurring pain in my right forearm that would not go away. I did not want to use medication or see a doctor, so I searched for a more holistic natural solution. That is what brought me to Bharat. After my first Reiki treatment, he explained that several of my energy centers were blocked and after a short one hour, Non-invasive, and very relaxing Reiki treatment, he rebalanced my energy centers and the pain I was experiencing went away. I found the experience so profoundly peaceful and relaxing. I had a couple follow up treatments, and then wanted to share the experience with my children, 2 of which have special needs. My oldest son has autism and has a lot of anxiety around sensory integration in our everyday environment. I have brought him to Bharat and I have seen amazing results in my son's ability to cope with some of the sensory challenges and anxiety. There are some special people in this world and Bharat is exceptional. He has inspired me to learn more about Reiki and energy healing. If you have the opportunity to work with Bharat or are seeking relief in any way, do not hesitate to visit Bharat from Healing Hands Now, I promise you will be glad you did. He has been a Blessing to me and my family."

- David Coupe, Real-Estate agent

"I have gone through meditation classes with Bharat as well as individual Reiki sessions. He has been of great help to me in centering myself. Through our work, I have been able to handle my stress and anxiety better."

- Linda J, Office Secretary

​"I have experienced Bharat's healing energy on several occasions. He is a Lightworker that I have experienced as unconditional love that has always filled me with a sense of Peace through the touch of his hands. I am eternally grateful for the insight he shares with me in every interaction we experience. I highly recommend him to support anyone on their journey of healing and transformation."

- Daved Beck, Psychic Medium, Certified Life Coach and Published Author