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​Bharat offers long distance Reiki support for physical and emotional conditions, stresses and general well being. He has clients he has been working for 9 years.

Reiki Healing Practitioner

Healing That Flows Through Hands


Reiki can be used to help a person who is physically at a distance from the practitioner. This is based on the principal of quantum physics that there is nothing like "local".  
For more details, please call cell number 940 389 9284 

Distant Healing support

​​What is Distant Support

  • Healing beyond boundaries of time and space  
  • Help your loved ones living away from you
  • Cost per session-$ 40.00 (always pre-paid)
  • Session includes assessment,aura cleansing,removing root cause of the condition and balancing chakras 
  • 21 days uninterrupted sessions plan available. Please ask for details

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120 W Golf Road, Suite 216, Schaumburg, Illinois - 60195   Phone/Text : 940-389-9284