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Offering Reiki in-person and ZOOM 


​Bharat offers long distance Reiki support for physical and emotional conditions, stress and general

well being.

  • Healing beyond boundaries of time and space  
  • Help your loved ones living away from you
  • Cost per session-$ 50.00 (always pre-paid). No refund possible.
  • 21 days uninterrupted sessions plan available. Please ask for details
  • ZOOM sessions available

Reiki can be used to help a person who is physically at a distance from the practitioner. This is based on the principal of quantum physics that there is nothing like "local".  
For more details, please call/text cell number 940 389 9284 

Radhika sent Bharat a WhatsApp message on January 10, 2021, from India asking if her father could be helped with distant Reiki. Her dad was on ventilator in the ICU unit of Apollo hospital. He had been diabetic for past 30 years which probably led him to his current state. His 1. creatinine level(kidney function) was extremely high 2. hemoglobin was very low 3. heart was not functioning well.

She agreed to have Bharat start 21 day program immediately. Following was her intention in her own words :

"I hope my father becomes stable without the need of ventilator and life support and comes out of hospital so that he can talk to us and my mom in particular. Hope his kidney disease will be in control, anemia gets better and heart condition improves. If this gives him a few more years, we will be grateful." 

​​What is Distant Support

Distant Healing support

Story of Rajagola Naidu Shakhamuri, India, is shared with the permission of his care-taker daughter Radhika who lives in the USA

This is how the program unfolded : After the first session on January 11​​, she texted on January 12 "Sir they removed the ventilator and he is stable except for rapid heart beat at times. He will remain in ICU for 48 hours" Her text on January 13 read "My father is still in ICU, but his health is improving. Doctors are more hopeful now. He has a little bit of fluid in his lungs and creatinine level is high. But doctor said it will get better." Her text on January 14" My father is still in ICU but his health is improving. Yesterday, he ate solids for the first time and talk to us. He is on a very little medicine right now. He still has fluid in his lungs and creatinine level is still high. But the doctor said it will get better. " After the 5th Reiki session, on January 15, she texted " Today they moved him out of ICU. He is improving day by day." On January 17 she texted" He is very better. He is extremely weak, which is expected. His creatinine level is still high." After the 8th Reiki session she texted on January 18, "Dad came home today. Thanks." 

​How amazing ! From a ventilator to back home safely in 8 days. Thank you Reiki! 

Mr. Rajgopala Naidu

Visakhapatnam, AP, India

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